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New R300 2. 7 140 ° Dual Lens Dash Board Camera Car Hd Dvr Black Box Video Recorder + Gps Logger

New R300 2 7 140 176 Dual Lens Dash


Do you fancy the automobile clearly show it wth the New R300 2. 7 140 from Crystalcity-6662. I really loved that the product had support memory card :sdhc class 64gb ~ 32gb, proprietary file format. Other highlights include things like video and audio recording and gps module support ,g sensor support. The bar code for this is 0639767833257. Selecting a New R300 2. 7 140 . If you need a good deal on this camera, click on the market add to cart button.

Besides general functions in the recorder, this machine has three main features: (1) Built-in dual camera, bringing convenience for you to take photo and video at front and back at the identical time; (2) Newly added GPS module can record the entire driving track. 3. TF memory card slot: Micro TF 13. Lens: Front lens with ultra wide angle of 140 degrees; back lens with ultra wide-angle of 120 degrees 11. 6 12. Sensor: 2 CMOS Sensors 2. Specifications: 1. 3. 7'' (16:9) FTT LCD panel or TV out. TV out support NTSC and PAL. Using random specialized software, you can see the video at computer, at the identical time study the gravity sensing date to trace accident and abnormal circumstance occurred within the running process. Support G Sensor 9. Display: 2. 7"HD DVR 1 x Car Charger 1 x GPS module 1 x Mount 1 x Clip 1 x User manual Package Contents : 1 x 2. Video Size: 1280 x 480 30FPS (2CH Record) , 640 x 480 30FPS (1CH Record) 6. Special Request: Due towards the use of exclusive file format, please use player or FW Format player before utilizing SD card, after that we can start recording. Automatically start recording after external power supply, and automatically shut down after removing. Support GPS module 8. Using random specialized software, you can see the video at computer, in the identical time connect Google map by means of the internet, driving track shows on the map and you can trace the running route of the vehicle. Memory Card: SDHC Class 64GB ~ 32GB, proprietary file format, need to use the player to start the movie 7. Program Requirement: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/windows 7, MAC OS x above 10. Audio: Support recording and playback 4. (3) Built-in gravity sensor G-sensor can record the gravity sensing information. RTC: Install system clock inside 5. Battery: Bulit-in lithium polymer battery 10.


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