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Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam

Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video4 Star Rating
Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv VideoPortable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 1Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 2Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 3Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 4Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 5Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 6Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 7Portable Dashboard Car Dvr Lcd Tv Video Recorder Cam Image 8
Portable Dashboard

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With all the chaos on our present day highways, surface roads and back roads it's hard to keep an accurate psychological log of everything that goes on. If there is ever any problem a brand new item is only several clicks away! The i Drive2 automatically remembers all the events prior to, and after, any accident or incident you may possibly be involved in with amazing clarity and detail, and of course the all important time stamp that law enforcement along with the courts will call for to turn your video into admissible evidence.   Live LCD Display An integrated 2. You can watch your video playback anytime you want on the fully adjustable 270 degree mounting base - all in the push of a button.       Audio Sometimes, things just make more sense when you can hear what's going on. 5 inch LCD display shows you what's going on now, right after which. The i Drive2 accepts as much as a 32GB SDHC card for maximum memory performance - 10 continuous hours with overwrite option for indefinite recording (when generating use of the provided cigarette lighter adapter ). The selectable audio option allows to capture all of that all important dialogue that tends to make the video"sing ". All Electro Flip brand items purchased via Amazon come having a totally totally free no hassle LIFETIME warranty.   That's right! More important, basically remembering the events leading up to an accident or incident won't do you much good inside a court of law. Expandable Memory Your videos are automatically saved to an SD card.

Features List

  • Night Vision - We all drive at night, that's no myth. The sad truth is that a majority of accidents and incidents also happen at night. That's why the i Drive2 is equipped with an integrated infrared (IR) array to allow for crisp and clear video recording at night.
  • Power Source - A car charger is included with the kit if you want to have the i Drive2 turn every time your car does. The Lithium-Polymer batteries also provide up to 3 hours of continuous recording when the cigarette lighter adapter kit with your car simply isn't an option. Alternatively if an accident cuts power to your cigarette lighter port, it will continue recording on battery.
  • Motion Detection Mode - Keep everything hands free when you are sitting back and surveilling someone else. The i Drive2 will automatically start rolling tape when it detects motion and stop recording when it doesn't.
  • Action-Fast Frame Rate - Most action video is captured using 30 fps - the i Drive2 is no different. You won't have to worry about a jumpy or scratchy picture that doesn't show all the details you'll need for later. At 30 frames per second, you won't miss a thing.
  • High Resolution Video with Watermark - The i Drive2 records in amazingly crisp and clear WXGA video - DVD quality. You have three resolution setting option
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