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SA-4060C-RUGGED Mobile DVR-4CH (with FUM-T11ADAPTADOR Usb 2. 0; Hdd Interface)

SA4060CRUGGED Mobile DVR4CH with FUMT11ADAPTADOR Usb 2 0 Hdd Interface Image 1


car enthusiasts are going to go crazy for the SA-4060C-RUGGED Mobile - a great dash cam by Fuho! I definitely loved that the product had ending file protection while unexpected power cut. Additional features include things like prompt recording upon boot-up, fuho made cameras power supplied by dvr and power restored recording restored. It's 6.75" Height x 13" Length x 15.5" Width. It has a weight of 0.88 lbs. The sa-4060c-rugged mobile dvr-4ch (with fum-t11adaptador usb 2. 0 hdd interface) , select the hyperlink below.

Compliances with Automotive Business and also the Voltage Ranges for All? Most Reliable MJPEG Chip 5 Years Working Guaranty? 0G HDD Anti-Shock Style Patent? Extreme Temperature and Ruggedness Approved for Installation in All Cars? 5"SATA HDD and SSD HDD Support? Synchronization Video Recording and Hidden Audio Recording Support? Certified 1. Continuous Recording, Motion Recording and Schedule Recording Easy Swapped HDD Tray in Front? 2.


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